Pre-purchase survey

Whether you are buying your first boat, or have bought a boat before, a boat purchase is always an exciting and significant purchase. To safeguard your investment our pre-purchase survey carried out by our professional boat surveyor, is designed to look at the condition of all the different aspects and services of the boat and report back to you with recommendations as to what requires attention now and in the future.

See details of the scope of the survey here.

Insurance Survey

This is required by underwriters and asked of owners from time to time depending on the boat’s age and date of previous survey. The insurers may ask for specific elements to be covered in the survey, but generally it will be similar in approach to the pre-purchase, although focussing on the aspects of the boat that affect its insurability.  This survey does not offer the advice and full condition report that a pre-purchase survey would offer and it should be noted that most insurance companies insist the survey is carried out by a yacht surveyor who is a member of one of the acknowledged associations like the YDSA or RINA. Our principal yacht surveyor is a member of both.

Damage Survey

Usually commissioned by an underwriter after a boat has been in an accident, where the objective of the survey is to assess the damage and cost of repairs.

Tonnage Survey

A Tonnage Certificate is required when a vessel is registered under the British Official Registry of vessels, known as Part 1 Registration. This registry gives the owner proof of title and is therefore a benefit not just to the owner but to others with a financial interest in the vessel. It is also helpful in easing passage when travelling abroad in your boat.

If you are planning to obtain a marine mortgage on your vessel, it is likely that the lender will insist on Part 1 registration.

The scheme has a certificate life of 5 years after which is will need to be renewed.

Only approved organisations can offer this service, and Magellan Yacht Surveys undertake these measurements on behalf of the Yacht Surveyors and Designers Association.