Magellan Yacht Surveys offer a comprehensive and detailed  report covering all aspects of the hull (including moisture or ultrasonic readings), fittings, rig, and equipment, which can be emailed or sent as a hard document.

Sections include:

Hull, Deck and Structure.

  1. Details of Subject Vessel,
  2. Keel.
  3. Hull below Waterline.
  4. Topsides above Waterline including Rubbing Strake etc
  5. Deck Moulding.
  6. Coachroof
  7. Cockpit.
  8. Hull/Deck Join.
  9. Bulkheads and Structural Stiffening including Internal Mouldings.

Steering, Stern Gear, and Skin Fittings etc.

  1. Rudder and Steering.
  2. Stern Gear.
  3. Cathodic Protection.
  4. Skin Fittings and other through Hull Apertures.

On Deck.

  1. Main Companionway and other Accesses to Accommodation.
  2. Ports Windows etc.
  3. Pulpit, Stanchions, Pushpit, Lifelines and Jackstays.
  4. Rigging Attachment Points.
  5. Ground Tackle and Mooring Arrangements.
  6.  Other Deck Gear and Fittings.
  7. Davits and Boarding Ladders.


  1. Spars.
  2. Standing Rigging.
  3. Running Rigging.
  4. Sails and Covers etc.


  1. Navigation Lights.
  2. Bilge Pumping Arrangements.
  3. Firefighting Equipment.
  4. Lifesaving and Emergency Equipment.


  1. Engine and Installation.
  2. Fuel System.

Accommodation and on Board Systems.

  1. Accommodation General.
  2. Gas Installation.
  3. Fresh Water Tanks and Delivery.
  4. Heads.
  5. Electrical Installation.
  6. Electronic and Navigation Equipment.
  7. Heating and Refrigeration.


The practical part of the survey in usually completed in a day and an overview can be given at the end of the day, with the report following a couple of days later. If problems are found on the vessel, these can be discussed early on and recommendations made as to the next course of action