Do you offer any other services on top of Pre – purchase and Insurance surveys?

I conduct Tonnage Surveys, Valuations and Damage Surveys.

A tonnage survey is required when a boat applies to the British Official Registry of vessels, known as Part 1 Registration. This registry gives the owner proof of title and is therefore a benefit not just to the owner but also to others with a financial interest in the vessel. It is also helpful in easing passage when travelling abroad in your boat. If you are planning to obtain a marine mortgage on your vessel, it is likely that the lender will insist on Part 1 registration. Only approved organisations can offer this service, and Magellan Yacht Surveys undertake these measurements on behalf of the Yacht Surveyors and Designers Association.

A Valuation is a basic walk through without any detailed examination of the vessel and is usually required for divorce situations, probate and if the owner is to get finance on the vessel. Occasionally, insurance companies and Clients will ask for a valuation as part of the survey and Magellan Yacht Surveys will include this in the survey price.

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